Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wagyu Gyudon Japanese Beef Bowls - Cheapest and Best way to Experience Wagyu in Japan

Tokyo Consult blog readers often inquired about where to get cheap Kobe Beef 神戸牛 or Matsusaka Beef 松阪牛 in Japan. While the best Kobe Beef is never meant to be reasonably priced, "generic" Wagyu is often more affordable to the budget travelers. After extensive research and a bit of luck, I was fortunate to have the opportunities to have tried 3 inexpensive Wagyu Beef Bowls during my trip to Japan in 2017. I am sharing my dining experiences and where to enjoy these delicious and cheap Wagyu Beef in this blog post.
Charm of traveling in Japan is discovering tasty food inside of meal boxes

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Shinagawa Keikyu EX Inn Hotel Stay Experience - Tokyo Reasonable, Spacious, Stylish and Convenient Location Accommodation Review

In October 2017, I traveled in Japan using the Japan Rail JR pass. I stayed at Shinagawa Keikyu EX Inn Hotel 京急 EX イン 品川 駅 前 while I was visiting Tokyo and nearby areas. While hotels are merely places for rest and sleep to many travelers, reasonably priced and conveniently located hotels would make travel experiences more efficient. I am writing this blog article to showcase the importance of conveniently located hotel stay as well as other advantages of staying at Shinagawa Keikyu EX Inn Hotel in front of Tokyo Shinagawa station.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Delicious Food and Restaurant Discovery and Recommendations in Japan 2017

In October 2017, I traveled in Okinawa and mainland Japan  using 7-day Japan Rail JR pass. I realized there is always new food discovery with every trip I took in Japan. I have discovered great Wara Wara Izakaya 笑 笑 居酒屋 restaurant with amazing dishes, delicious soul-food chicken cuisine, almond tofu dessert, and special Japanese fruit tomato, etc. I am sharing my 2017 Japan mainland food discovery and where to taste those delicious food in this blog article. I plan to share my Okinawa food discovery in another article blog post in the future.
Dishes with brown sauce and mayonnaise over omelet are almost always delicious in Japan 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Project Shinkansen 2017 - Island Hop between Okinawa, Kyushu and Western Japan with Japan Rail Pass

In October 2017, I took my "annual" trip in Japan, I visited Okinawa 沖縄 and then started my 7-day Japan Rail Pass journey between Kyushu 九州, Shimane 島根, Tottori 鳥取, Wakayama 和歌山, Mie 三重, Izu 伊豆, and Tokyo areas. The itinerary seemed to be very busy but it was kept at an enjoyable pace due careful planning and nice traditional Onsen hot spring soak to rejuvenate our travel souls. This trip was my 4th trip using Japan Rail Pass, I am dedicating this blog post to share my detailed daily itinerary, travel tips and recommendations.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Hakone Setsugetsuka Private Onsen Ryokan Experience - Gora Onsen Tokinoyu Setsugetsuka Hot Spring Spa Hotel Review

In May 2017, my buddy Richard traveled in Japan using the Japan Rail Pass. While visiting Hakone, he stayed at an upscale Onsen 温泉 Ryokan 旅館, Tokinoyu Setsugetsuka 季の湯 雪月花, in Gora Hakone 箱根 強羅 for his once-a-life-time private Hot Spring spa experience. I would like to dedicate this blog post to share his personal experience and photographs of one of the best Private Onsen Bath Ryokan hotel in Hakone near Tokyo.
Experiencing private open-air wooden Onsen bathtub is on the bucket lists of many couples traveling to Japan

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tokyo Love Story - Day trip to Japanese Television Drama Film Locations of Baishinji station and Iyo Ozu Town near Matsuyama in Shikoku

In November 2015, I traveled to Japan using the Japan Rail Pass. When I was visiting Matsuyama 松山 in Shikoku 四国, I decided to follow Japan National Tourism Organization 日本政府観光局 (JNTO) and local tourism office's recommendation for sightseeing ideas of visiting Tokyo Love Story television drama filming locations. While majority of the television drama scenes took place in downtown Tokyo, some of the most important scenes were filmed at Baishinji station 梅津寺 駅 and in Iyo Ozu 伊予 大洲 area in rural Shikoku near Matsuyama. I am dedicating this article for my day trip to film locations of classic Japanese television drama of the 1990's, Tokyo Love Story, 東京 ラブ ストーリー, 東京 愛情 故事, 도쿄 러브 스토리.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Don Quijote - Japanese Discount Super Store for Best Shopping Experience in Tokyo and other parts of Japan

Don Quijote or Don Quixote or Donki ドン・キホーテ is the best one stop shopping during your trip in Japan. This franchise super store is known for their long opening hours, often 24 hours a day, and the wide varieties of products they carry. The products found in the Don Quijote shops range from inexpensive souvenirs, electronics, snacks/groceries, cosmetics, name-brand products, cosplay-themed and even adult themed items. Don Quijote stores are everywhere throughout major cities and nearby major stations in Japan and even in Honolulu, Hawaii USA. Their dominance even reached mainland US after Don Quijote Japan purchased Marukai USA and Tokyo Central supermarket in the US, hence similar products and shopping experiences. I am writing this blog post for my observation and experiences of shopping at Don Quijote stores throughout Japan.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Onsen for Shy Travelers: My experience of Sand Bath thermal hot spring Spa in Ibusuki Kyushu

In October 2016, I traveled to Japan using the 14-day Japan Rail Pass. While I was traveling in southern Kyushu 九州, I took the opportunity for a day trip from Kagoshima 鹿児島 to Ibusuki 指宿 for their famous Natural Sand Bath Spa 砂蒸し温泉 on the beach. I am dedicating this special Onsen day trip experience to some travelers who are shy and have concerns about the traditional naked hot spring in Japan.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Beef Bowl Japanese Gyudon - Best and Cheapest Japanese Soul Food

With many franchise restaurants throughout Japan, Gyndon Beef bowl 牛丼 remains one of the best and most affordable comfort food options for budget travelers in Japan. Typical price of a regular size Gyndon Beef Bowl is about $2.50 to $3.50 USD, the value far exceeds any other cuisine in Japan. Many of the restaurants open 24 hour a day in urban areas in Japan and they are everywhere near train/subway stations, this makes it a great option for a quick bite any time of the day. Typical Beef Bowl recipe consists of thinly sliced Beef braised in sweet soy sauce, cooked to perfection with onion over steamed rice. I am dedicating this blog article to the best and my favorite franchise Beef Bowl restaurants in Tokyo Japan, such as Yoshinoya 吉野家, Matsuya 松屋, Sukiya すき屋, Nakau なか卯 and Tokyo Chikara Meshi 東京チカラめし, etc.
Best Tokyo Gyudon Beef Bowl; Mastsuya; Tokyo Consult. TokyoConsult
Best and cheapest food in Japan: Beef Bowl Japanese Gyudon

Monday, February 6, 2017

Affordable Cheap Reasonable Hotels in Tokyo

Updated on Feb-3rd-2018

Where to stay in Tokyo Japan?

Central, Clean, and Convenient are the fundamentals of good Tokyo Hotels in my opinion.

I have come up with a list of reasonable and convenient Tokyo hotel accommodation with highest values in this blog post.
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Toyoko Inn, a popular budget hotel franchise in Japan.
- I recommend booking the flight ticket first. Be specific about your travel dates. Then compare Hotel TOTAL PRICE after tax and service charges are added.
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