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Japan Onsen for Shy Travelers - Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Swimsuit Hot Spring Bath and Private Onsen Ryokan

While almost all Onsen in Japan do not allow wearing swimsuits, I believe many of the foreign travelers to Japan feel uncomfortable getting naked for the authentic hot spring experience. Luckily there are some special hot spring onsen near Tokyo Japan that permit and require bathing suits to be worn. There are also options of private onsen, foot onsen, and reserved-time family onsen time for those who are a bit on the uncomfortable side.
Open-air private onsen hot spring with a nice view. This type of accommodation could be very expensive.

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Shopping arcades are common scenes at Onsen Hot Spring areas. Hakone, Kanagawa

*Hakone Kowakien Yunessun Onsen Hot Spring Resort
In May 2014, I visited Yunessun in Hakone near Tokyo Japan. Starting from JR Shinjuku station, I took the private rail Odakyu "Romance" sightseeing train to Hakone-Yumoto station. The ride took about 90 minutes and cost about 2000 yen. From Hakone-Yumoto station, after obtaining transportation information from the tourism office staff, I took the 20-minute local bus ride to the Yunessun Hot Spring Spa Resort.
Odakyu Romance Sightseeing View Train from Shinjuku To Hakone-Yumoto station

Comfortable Odakyu View Train, Shinjuku to Hakone

Hakone Kowakien Yunessun is one of the largest Onsen spa resort facility in Japan that offers both bathing suit and traditional naked onsen hot springs. Being a shy onsen hot spring beginner in 2014, it was an easy decision to pick the swimsuit area for the soak. After paying the entrance fee of about 2800 yen, I was given a electronic wrist brace that would be used for electronic payments for food and drinks while inside of the spa resort facility. After showering and changing into swim trunk in the changing/shower room, I entered into a big onsen theme park with both indoor and outdoor specialty onsen pools. The water was of moderate temperature and their hot spring water was "flavored" in wine, sake, coffee and many other aroma. I would highly recommend this onsen hot spring to shy folks, beginners, couples and families who want to enjoy onsen together.
Hakone Onsen Hot Spring District Shopping Arcade

Hakone Yunessun Onsen Hot Spring Resort, Swimsuit or bathing suit for shy travelers

Automated system in English language at Hakone Yunessun Onsen Resort
Recommended Swimsuit Onsen Spa Resort near Tokyo
*Toshimaen Niwa No Yu - Mineral water in dark color; about 10-20 minutes by train from central Tokyo.
*Ooedo Onsen Monogatari Urayasu Mangekyo (not Odaiba) - a very well established onsen themed spa resort franchise; about 20-30 minutes by train and bus from central Tokyo.
*Mikazuki Ryugujo Onsen Hotel - about 50 minutes by bus from central Tokyo.
*Mikazuki Katsuura Onsen Hotelabout 50 minutes by bus from central Tokyo.
*Enoshima Island Spa resort - near Kamakura sighseeting area; about an hour by train from central Tokyo

For those who do not want the hassle of changing into swimsuits, just roll up your pants and dip your feet into the foot onsen. Foot onsen is a common free facility in thermal hot spring villages. Many of the hot spring bath houses or ryokan hotels offer the foot hot spring to attract visitors; Many of the foot onsen are free of charge but foot onsen cafe will require minimum orders at the cafe restaurant.

Atami Foot Onsen (in front of the JR Atami station)
Relaxing at Atami JR station Foot Onsen Hot Spring

Kusatsu Foot Onsen Bath
Relaxing at Kusatsu Onsen district Foot Onsen Hot Spring
Recommended Foot Onsen Cafe near Tokyo
*Tokyo Hogurest Foot Onsen Cafe
*Tokyo Ecopao Foot Onsen 
*Mount Takao Fumotoya Cafe

Onsen Ryokan with private onsen pool in the room is usually considered a luxury in Japan. One night of stay usually comes with the package of Kaiseki dinner and Japanese traditional breakfast for two. Typical price usually ranges from $400 to $800 USD per night of stay; because of its steep price, it is usually reserved for couples celebrating wedding anniversaries or special occasions.
Hakone-Yumoto station: Easy access from central Tokyo to Hakone Onsen district

Wash off your sweat while sitting on Japanese bench before dipping into the private onsen hot spring

Private onsen hot spring with a view. cost about 60000 yen per night. Fancy dinner and breakfast were included.
Recommended Private Onsen Ryokan Hotel near Tokyo
*Hakone Yumoto Onsen Fujiya Hotel
*Hakone Setsugetsuka Onsen Hotel
*Hakone Onsen Hotel Nanpuso
*Hakone Tenseien Onsen Hotel
*Hakone Mizunoto Onsen Hotel
*Hakone Aura Tachibana Onsen Hotel

Many of the Onsen Ryokan offers hourly "reserved" private onsen pool use/rental for their ryokan guests. The hourly use/rental is usually free of charge for their ryokan guests, while some ryokan charges a nominal fee.
Kusatsu Onsen is one of the best Hot Spring district near Tokyo
Recommend Reserved Private Time Onsen Ryokan Hotel near Tokyo
*Hakone Fujiya Onsen Hotel
*Hakone Pax Yoshino Onsen Hotel
*Hakone Kisenso Onsen Hotel (Tripadvisor site)
*Kusatsu Now Resort Onsen Hotel
*Kusatsu Naraya Onsen Ryokan Hotel

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