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Don Quijote - Japanese Discount Super Store for Best Shopping Experience in Tokyo and other parts of Japan

Don Quijote or Don Quixote or Donki ドン・キホーテ is the best one stop shopping during your trip in Japan. This franchise super store is known for their long opening hours, often 24 hours a day, and the wide varieties of products they carry. The products found in the Don Quijote shops range from inexpensive souvenirs, electronics, snacks/groceries, cosmetics, name-brand products, cosplay-themed and even adult themed items. Don Quijote stores are everywhere throughout major cities and nearby major stations in Japan and even in Honolulu, Hawaii USA. Their dominance even reached mainland US after Don Quijote Japan purchased Marukai USA and Tokyo Central supermarket in the US, hence similar products and shopping experiences. I am writing this blog post for my observation and experiences of shopping at Don Quijote stores throughout Japan.

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1. Long hours of operation, often 24 hour a day.
2. Ease of using foreign currency/money and credit cards.
3. Great discounted prices at Don Quijote, especially when compared with other 24 hour convenient shops.
4. Easy tax return policy and process at the cashier (over about 5000 yen in spending before tax); mainly on cosmetics, food, and over-the-counter medications/supplements. PLEASE BRING YOUR FOREIGN PASSPORTS TO DON QUIJOTE STORES WHEN YOU SHOP. It will save you about 8% on tax.
5. Multilingual staff (mostly Chinese, Korean and English speaking) are often available.
6. Special discounts and coupons are often available locally or can be printed from the internet.
7. Many used name brand luxury products such as Louis Vuitton hand bags and Rolex watches are available at reasonable prices.
8. Best reason for shopping at Don Quijote is the huge varieties of products which I am writing about in the remaining part of this article.

Most "efficient" way of shopping in Tokyo Japan can be done at Don Quijote because of the varieties of products available.

Through my experiences of traveling with friends and inquiry from my blog readers, I start making observation at different shops in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. Even though I was never a big shopper, I learned and realized shopping in Japan plays an essential part of their tourism in the recent years. I believe international money spent in shopping in Japanese tourism was the driving force for Japan to relax their VISA restriction for many Asian nations, including People's Republic of China. The money spent in shopping helps fund the need for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, overall Japanese economy and subsequently improves "globalization" of the tourism culture and shopping experiences in Japan. Multilingual staff and the ease of use of foreign currency and credit cards have dramatically improved since I started traveling in Japan in 2001.

Don Quijote franchise shop is somewhat iconic to the improved "globalization' of Japanese tourism and economy. Rumor has it that up to 50% of the foreign traveler have visited Don Quijote shop while in Japan. Majority of the shop locations are within 5-10 minute walk of the most bustling train stations in Japan, including Tokyo Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Roppongi. Some major locations outside of Tokyo include Osaka Dotonbori, Kyoto station, and Hokkaido Sapporo area. Many of the shops I visited in these bustling areas are opened 24 hours a day, which permits late night shopping after a long day of sightseeing. I highly recommend travelers to spend their day time doing typical sightseeing and shop at Don Quijote in the evening at location near your Tokyo hotel because many of the shops never close.
Just recognize the Penguin symbol for Don Quijote store for the best shopping experience. Tokyo Shinjuku

Huge selection of cosplay costumes can be found at Don Quijote at discounted prices. From Japanese high school sailor uniform to Yukata or Kimono, Don Quijote have them all at reasonable prices.

Great selections of for your next Halloween party costume at Don Quijote cosplay outfit section.

Some interesting and unique outfit choices such as Super Mario, pirates and Snow White were at relatively cheap prices

Japanese themed head gears, masks, and other cosplay accessories were also available at Don Quijote


There is a huge market for cosmetics and skin care products for international shoppers in Japan. Tax return plus great prices drive shoppers crazy at Don Quijote and other department stores. I believe all these products can be ordered on Amazon USA at reasonable prices but many visitors prefer to shop while traveling in Japan.

Some shops, including Don Quijote, offers ranking of products based on their popularity. By listing the popularity ranking, the sales for such products can be driven even higher.

Something about the special hair blow dryer that drives foreign visitor crazy. I was puzzled after seeing many shoppers inquiring about Panasonic Nano Hair Care hair blow dryer in Japan when the same product can be purchased on Amazon in the US.

In Japan where rice cooker was invented, the selection of modern technology of rice cooker is among the best in the world, even at a discount store like Don Quijote. If you have questions about the electronic items, just go up to any staff and ask for English speaking staff to help you.

Wide price range on Japanese pots and plates were sold at Don Quite store.

Electric tabletop BBQ grills were also available at Don Quijote at reasonable prices.

Having a special interest in Japanese Samurai armor, my attention was drawn to the display of famous historical Shogun general Samurai figures. The armor display and Samurai swords were modeled after the characters in Japanese warrior history.

Of course products like this can be found on Amazon USA but I was not able to resist from buying the cool Samurai armor and sword display at Don Quijote in Japan.

Not all but many Don Quijote stores carry grocery and bento section where shopper can buy fresh vegetables, meat, and cooked food 24 hours a day. I was amazed to find high quality Wagyu Japanese beef at some of the stores.

One of the great food discoveries during my trip in Japan in 2016 was the Shine Muscat Grape. I was able to find them at Don Quijote in Osaka. 

One of the most important reasons for shoppers to want to buy used name brand products in Japan is their strict validation process to rule out counterfeit products. Many shops such as Don Quijote offer shoppers a section for used name brand products such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes hand bags. I believe their prices are very reasonable.

Imagine seeing Rolex watches at a shop similar to Walmart in the US. I sometimes like to compare Japanese Don Quijote with Walmart in the US based on the varieties of products each store franchise carry. Many used name brand watches were sold at reasonable prices at many urban location Don Quijote stores.

Many second hand or used name brand products such as Louis Vuitton wallets were on window display at Don Quijote stores. The advertisement states "Extreme Cheap Prices Enable you to fulfill your Dream"


For responsible adults, Don Quijote will always have a section for you. Wide selections of high tech or high quality adult toys are on sale behind a special curtain in many of the franchise stores. Of course all these products can be found on Amazon USA but there is just something different about purchasing these items while traveling in Japan.

Another product that has become very famous world wide and can also be found on Amazon USA is the the Made in Japan Okamoto 0.01mm barrier protection condoms. Multilingual advertisement in Japanese, English, Korean and Chinese languages was a proof of how popular this product is.


*Tokyo Shinjuku 東京 新宿
Don Quijote Shinjuku Higashiguchi Honten
1-16-5 Kabuki-cho Shinjuku-ku Tokyo,JAPAN, 160-0021
03-5291-9211 / 03-5291-9222
Open 24 Hours

*Tokyo Roppongi 東京 六本木
Don Quijote Roppongi
3-14-10 Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo, JAPAN, 106-0032
03-5786-0811 / 03-5786-0822
Open 24 Hours

*Osaka Dontonbori 大阪 道頓堀
Don Quijote Dotonbori
7-13 Soemoncho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,JAPAN, 542-0084
06-4708-1411 / 06-4708-1422
Open 24 Hours

*Osaka Umeda 大阪 梅田
Don Quijote Umeda Honten
Komatsubara-cho4-16 Osaka-shi Kita-ku Osaka,JAPAN, 530-0018
06-6360-6121 / 06-6360-6122
Open 24 Hours

*Kyoto 京都 駅
Don Quijote Kyoto Avanti
31 Higashikujonishisannno-cho Kyoto-shi Kyoto,JAPAN, 601-8003
075-693-4511 / 075-693-4522
Open Hours: 9:00~ 0:00

*Kyushu 九州 博多 福岡 中州
Don Quijote Nakasu
3-7-24 nakasu Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Fukuoka,JAPAN, 810-0801
092-283-9711 / 092-283-9722
Open 24 Hours

*Hokkaido 北海道 札幌
Don Quijote Sapporo
3-6 Minami nijo nishi,Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido,JAPAN, 060-0062
011-219-4811 / 011-219-4822
Open 24 Hours

*Hawaii USA
Don Quijote Honolulu
801 Kaheka St., Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone: 808-973-4800 
Open 24 hours 

*California USA
Tokyo Central & Main Tokyo Central Los Angeles
1620 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247
Phone: (310) 464-8888
Hours: Open today · 9AM–10PM

Donkihote; Donki Hote; Don Kihote; Don QuixoteDonquixote; Donquijote; ドン・キホーテ; 돈키호테; 唐吉訶德

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