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Hotels and Accommodations in Tokyo

Where to stay in Tokyo Japan? What type of accommodation should stay at during your first trip to Japan?

Tokyo city offers different types of accommodation that will suit different budget and style of travelers. Types of accommodation were briefly mentioned in my "budget" post. In this post I will go into a details and introduce a few links on the choices that are either popular in my opinion or have decent reviews on TripAdvisor.
Budget Hotel Room Tokyo Consult TokyoConsult
Typical budget hotel room in Tokyo

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Location, in terms of convenience, plays an important factor on the pricing of the accommodation in Tokyo. In general, the closer the hotel is to the nearest metro station, the more expensive it gets. The more restaurants, convenience stores, and shopping areas surrounding the hotel, the pricier it gets. Nice night views, fluent English staff, and fancy facilities like hot spring pool will likely to make the cost go higher.

Charges for accommodation in Japan are typically based on the number of guests staying in the room instead of the room itself. Having more guests staying in the hotel room than the number of guest stated on the reservation is considered illegal in Japan. The rate per person is usually lower when there are more people sharing the same room.

Compare hotel reviews and prices on Tripadvisor


Similar to youth hostel throughout the world. Dormitory style type of accommodation, where travelers share the same room space, bathroom/shower, and living room area. It is very popular among budget travelers and backpackers. Cost is around 20 to 40 dollars per night per person.
SAKURA Hostel/Hotel Group: Offers large lounge area that is good for socializing with other travelers.
Khaosan Hostel Tokyo: Popular hostel chain in Tokyo.

Capsule Hotel

They are in the league of its own. Small size and capsule shaped room accommodation, creation of Japan, costs about 20 to 40 dollars per night per person in the Tokyo area. This type of accommodation is popular among office workers that have missed the last train/metro available and is in need of a place to sleep for the night. If sharing bath, bathroom, and sharing public spaces are your cup of tea, capsule hotel might be one of the best ways to experience unique contemporary Japanese culture. They are usually located at the most bustling areas of the city or right next to the metro stations.
Shinjuku Kuyakushomae Capsule Hotel

Budget/Business Hotel

Very small size hotel rooms, perhaps 25% of the size of a typical hotel room in North America. It is one of my favorite type of accommodation in Japan with very good cost/performance ratio in my opinion. Cost is around 60 to 100 dollars per night per person in Tokyo. Many of the budget business hotels are operated under network of hotel chains that are located at very convenient locations.
Choice Hotel Chain
Toyoko Inn Chain
Super Hotel Chain

Japanese Style Inn (Ryokan)

Also known as traditional Japanese style guest houses. Traditional Japanese décor, furniture, tamami, and sleeping on futon placed on tamami. This type of accommodation is also available in metropolitan areas such as Tokyo and Osaka but they are especially popular at Onsen (hot spring) resort areas. The cost ranges from 50 to 200 dollars or more, depending on the facility. Some Ryokan do offer western style bed/mattress for their guests. Many Ryokan also offer meal packages that will enhance your experience of Japanese culture through traditional course meal and Japanese hospitality.
Japanese Guest Houses
Tokyo Ryokan

Weekly Mansion

They are furnished-apartment accommodation that generally offers slightly lower rate than the typical hotel. No you do not have to rent the room for minimum of one week. However, weekly and monthly rates are usually much cheaper and are very appealing to budget travelers. There are usually no concierge service at weekly mansion apartments. The locations are usually near convenient stations. Weekly mansions are sometimes equipped with a small kitchen that allows travelers to make their own meals. The price usually ranges from 30 to 70 dollars per person per night. 
Weekly Mansion: Enormous amount of locations in the greater Tokyo area.

Standard Hotel

Standard in hotel facility when compared to hotels in North American. In my opinion, they are perhaps 50% to 75% of the size of a typical room at Holiday Inn in the US. The price typically ranges from $120 to $250 per night per room.
Prince Hotel Park Tower Tokyo Tokyo Consult Tokyoconsult
Prince Hotel Park Tower Tokyo
Shinagawa Prince Hotel: Located at very convenient location, with easy access to Shinkansen bullet train station and Haneda airport as well as Narita airport.
Prince Park Tower Tokyo: Beautiful view of the symbol of Tokyo, Tokyo Tower.
Hotel Century Southern Tower: Located near the bustling area of Shinjuku station
Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo: Also located in the bustling area of Shinjuku station west.

Luxury Hotel

Hotels like Tokyo Park Hyatt hotel Bill Murray stayed at in the movie "Lost In Translation" There are plenty of options for luxurious hotel in the most expensive city of the world. The price typically ranges from $400 to $700 per night per room.

Conrad Tokyo: Part of the Hilton hotel chain.
Park Hyatt Tokyo: Featured in the academy award winning movie "Lost In Translation"
Ritz Carlton Tokyo: One of the most luxurious hotels in Tokyo, located in Tokyo Midtown.
Peninsula Tokyo: Another new establishment in Tokyo, one of the finest hotel chain in the world.

What type of accommodation are you planning to stay at when you visit Tokyo?
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