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Useful Travel Japanese Phrases

While language barrier has never been an issue for me during my trips to Japan in the past 15 years, I found it fun to be able to speak a few phrases to test out my foreign language skills during my travel. Having some survival Japanese phrases handy could make your trip more pleasant when people around you can not or unwilling to speak English (or any other foreign language) I also felt that Tokyo has become more English speaking friendly along with the foreign tourism surge in the past ten years.
plastic food model. Tokyo Consult. TokyoConsult.
Just point and order when you see plastic food models in front of the restaurants
I have listed phrases that are useful and essential for new travelers to Japan.

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English menu. Tokyo Consult. TokyoConsult.
I tend to avoid this type of restaurants when I am traveling 

General Greeting

Excuse me
chotto sumimasen
ちょっと すみません

Thank you


Hello/Good evening

Can you please tell/teach me?
oshiete morae masuka?
おしえて もらえ ますか

Do you speak English?
eigo wo hanashimasuka?
えいご を はなしますか

I do not speak Japanese
watashi ha nihongo ga dekimasen
わたし は にほんご が できません

I am (American)
watashi ha (amerika) jin desu
わたし は (アメリカ) じん です

Can you take a picture for me?
shashin wo totte mo itadakemasuka
しゃしん を とって も いただけますか


Where is the bathroom?
toire(otearai) ha doko desuka?
トイレ(おてあらい)は どこ ですか

Where is the nearest station?
ichiban chikai eki ha doko desuka
いちばん ちかい えき は どこ ですか

What time is the last train?
shuuden ha nanji desuka?
しゅうでん は なんじ ですか

How much is the ticket?
ticket ha ikura desuka?
チケット は いくら ですか

How long will it take?
jikan ha dono kurai kakarimasuka?
じかん は どの くらい かかりますか

I want to go to _ _ _.
_ _ _ e ikitai desu.
___へ いきたい です

Which direction is to  _ _ _?
_ _ _ ha dochira e desuka?
___は どちら へ ですか

Where is the nearest convenient store?
ichiban chikai konbini ha doko desuka
いちばん ちかい コンビニ は どこ ですか

Does this train/bus go to _ _ _.
_ _ _ e ikimasuka?
___へ いきますか

Restaurant and Shopping
takoyaki street vendor. Tokyo Consult. TokyoConsult.
Some of the street food vendors do not offer menu in English

Check please
kanjou onegaishimasu.
かんじょう おねがいします

Most popular?
ichiban ninki ha?
いちばん にんき は

Best recommendation?
ichiban osusume ha?
いちばん おすすめ は

Please tell me your recommendations
osusume wo oshite mo ii desuka
おすすめ を おしえて も いい ですか

Everything normal/regular style
zenbu futsuuno desu
ぜんぶ ふつうの です

Most delicious?
ichiban oishii ha?
いちばん おいしい は

How long is the wait?
machijikan ha dono kurai desuka?
まちじかん は どの くらい ですか

It is delicious
oishii desu.
おいしい です

Do you have menu in English?
eigo no Menu ga arimasuka?
えいご の Menu が ありますか

What is this? (what is in it?)
kore ha nandesuka?
これ は なんですか

We will pay separately.
betsu betsu de haraimasu
べつ べつ で はらいます

One person ok? (some restaurants do not accept solo customers)
hitori demo ii desuka?

ひとり でも いい ですか?

Picture menu. Tokyo Consult. TokyoConsult.
Menu with photos are very helpful for travelers
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