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Access to Tokyo from the world how do I get to Tokyo?
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There are basically two international airports for easy access to Tokyo. Narita (NRT) and Haneda (HND) airports.

NARITA AIRPORT, located east of Tokyo, has been around for decades, it is the biggest international airport in Japan and it has become one of the biggest transit hub in the world. The airport is located about 40 minutes to 2 hours from the Tokyo city center, depending on the mode of transportation.

HANEDA AIRPORT, just south of Tokyo, it used to be an international airport before Narita airport was built in the 1970's. A new terminal has been built in 2010 to accommodate the increasing number of international travelers to and from Tokyo. The opening of the new terminal at Haneda airport made it a very easy access to Tokyo because it takes only 25 minutes to get to the Tokyo city center by metro.

The flight takes about 10 hours from Los Angeles or San Francisco, 12 hours from Chicago or Dallas, and 13 hours from New York JFK... Not bad considering that it takes 6 hours to get from Los Angeles to Hawaii or JFK, and about 10 hours from LA to London.

From European cities like Paris, Frankfurt, Munich: Approximate 12 hours
Sydney to Tokyo: 15 hours
Moscow to Tokyo: 10 hours
Mexico City to Tokyo: 12 hours
Buenos Aires to Tokyo: 25 hours with connecting flight
Manila to Tokyo: 4 hours

Most of the major airports in the world offer direct flights to Narita airport, while selections for direct flights to Haneda airport are not as abundant. Please refer to the Wikipedia for the list of international airports that offer direct flights to Haneda and Narita.
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